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We provide one stop marketing solution to attract people globally.

About grasia
Company Name grasia Pte., Ltd.
Shareholder OPT Holding Inc.
Business Global Marketing Service (Inbound Marketing of tourists visiting Japan)
Established in August 2016
Board Member Director: Takayuki Kato

grasia Pte., Ltd.

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #07-11 The Central Singapore 059817

grasia Bangkok Co., Ltd.

246 Times Square Building, Suite 15-01, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
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Global Marketing Service
We provide one-stop service including market entrée, planning, customer acquisition strategies. Our staff and partners have rich understandings toward local markets. We support both your “Inbound” and “Outbound” business.
Entrée & Planning

Choosing targeting countries, audience, and prioritising tasks. We can provide marketing research and strategy planning. We arrange the meetings with local companies as well.

  • Research
  • Strategy Planning
  • Targeting
  • Meeting Arrangement
  • Translation
Channel Development

We prepare for the selling. Our various service include EC website production, physical shop support, and website production & management.

  • Local Website Production
  • EC Website Production
  • Physical Shop Support
  • Local Platform Entree
  • Press Release
  • Translation

We analyse your product strength, and provide locally optimised advertising and customers strategies, helping achieve your KPI.

  • SNS Marketing
  • Video
  • Display
  • Influencer
  • Event
  • OOH
  • Transportation Ad
  • TV
  • Magazine
  • Management Service
Improvement & Continuity

We review core targeting and priority using data. We provide regular reporting, review, and correction in order to further develop your business.

  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Corrections
  • Resetting Priority
In cooperation with our partners across Asia, we provide one stop solution of marketing with high level quality service.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research online with more than 1000 panels.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research such as group interview, one to one with a group of 5 to 40 people.

Strategy Planning

Promotion strategy planning based on the data analysis such as research.

As the price varies depending on the target market and the season, please feel free to contact us.


Translating from Japanese to other languages.


After translation, review and revise it to appropriate wording and expression to deliver right message of corporate identity to users.

Web Production

Corporate site, campaign site and system development

Applicable service Game, Advertorial, SNS content, Explanatory material of accommodations, restaurant menu localization.


Improve search engine ranking, optimization of traffic and conversion rate through each keyword.

Social Media Production

Official page production

Development, design and production of official account of Facebook, LINE, Wechat, Instagram etc.

Official page operation

Operation and management of official account.

Campaign operation

Planning and operation of social mediacampaign.

Ad operation

Operation of Ad campaign.

Press Release

Convening press and media / translating press release / One-stop service of hosting offline press conference, assigning venue and MC, Stage Design, calling press and media etc.

Influencer Marketing

Photo Post

Posting image of service / product, mainly for Instagram.

Photo + Content Post

Posting image and text of service / product, mainly for Facebook

Video Post

Posting video content created and edited by the influencers

Event participation & Post

Online idol / blogger to participate in event and write an article

Travel and Post

Online idol / blogger to travel and write an article

Video Production

Planning and creating marketing strategy, storyboard, filming and editing of video

Video Promotion

Utilizing video for SNS campaign, YouTube and other video ad network.

Magazine advertising

Pure Ad
Related Ad
Tie-in ad , Advertorial
As ad availabilities vary depending on the target market and the media, please feel free to contact us.

TV / Radio

Different from TV or Radio ad in Japan, there is often a case that area targeting for TV ad in ASEAN region is not possible and Radio coverage is very small. We will propose the best solution based on the discussion with the customer about your service, target countries and audience etc. We deal not only TV commercials or sponsorship of program, but also a part of TV program. Please contact us for an inquiry.

OOH (Outdoor Ad)

Outdoor Ad
Digital Signage

Transit Ad

In- Train Ad
Train Ad(Video)
Chartered Train Ad
Train Wrap Ad
In- Bus Ad
Bus Wrap Ad
*Some menu above in some countries is not available. Please ask our staff for detail.



Going around on the multiple areas. Ex. Visiting several office building, touring each municipalities office

Exhibit booth

Support of exhibiting at the event, from booth design to hiring staff.


Support of hosting concert in overseas from planning to operation in cooperation with local companies

At grasia Thailand, we’re always looking for talented people to join our team. We encourage you to submit an application expressing the position you want to apply for and your resume to our Talent Acquisition Team at the email address below at any time.

If you’d like to work in international environment with opportunities for advancement, please send your CV in English with a cover letter expressing how you match this position by Apply for Job. For more information, please contact us at

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We, as grasia, operate marketing business in the Asian region, to support our client’s marketing aiming to foreign tourists visiting Japan based on our client’s need and goal.

For any inquiries about our service, quotes, etc., feel free to contact us.
About Inbound

What is Inbound Tourism?

inbound Tourism of Japan refers to foreign tourists visiting Japan in general. As a result of recent tourism boom to Japan, marketing activities to attract those foreign tourists have drawn much attention by the marketers in Japan.

Japan aims to become Tourism-Oriented Country

In 2015, foreign visitors to Japan recorded 19.7million, a 47.1% increase and 6 million over the 13.41 million who visited Japan in 2014 and the number of foreign inbound tourist has surpassed the outbound figure for the first time in 45 years since 1970.

As the total number is likely to reach the government’s target of 20 million visitors before 2020 and officials are thinking about revising the target upward as well as gross domestic product (GDP), marketing to target those tourists visiting Japan has become more essential than ever.

Source: Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Strength of Service

OPT Group is a Japan’s leading digital ad agency. With Superior experience and know-how in marketing, we, as a group company, have been servicing the various clients over the world who wish to enter Japan as well as who wish to enter the market outside Japan.
We partner with a dozen of leading marketing companies in Asia and form solid network in order to meet our client’s need and requirement.
There are local staffs to run effective campaign operation in each countries, who are well-versed about culture, customs, language, marketing of the country they are in charge of.
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